Sfera 102,2


Sfera 102,2

From the very first moment of its inception until now, Sfera 102,2 remains firmly the most beloved Greek station in Athens, achieving constantly high audience positions. The recipe for success is simple … Good Greek Music and shiny faces broadcasting on the air!

It is the strongest radio brand name that counts over 20 years of championship and in February 2017 it celebrated this accordingly with a dazzling party where nobody was missing! Directors of record companies, promotional executives and artistic figures gave a thunderous presence!

All the Greek hits of yesterday and today combined with the most recognizable voices of radio and TV personalities make up the everyday cherished habit for the Athenians who have constant access to Sfera 102.2, having programmed it in the memory of their radio and especially in their hearts!!!

A champion radio station that accounts for 20 years of broadcasting on the airwaves and has easily managed to maintain its freshness, adapt to today’s many demands and all the actions it takes to be crowned with tremendous success.

The biggest parties, the most important musical events, the live shows in various locations of Attica, the biggest and most popular competitions and the Greek Music Week are signed by Sfera 102.2!

Sfera 102.2 is its music … its people … and especially its listeners!! Stay tuned!!!


To contact the Sales Department, send your message at: knika@politisgroup.com or sarkele@politisgroup.com, with the Marketing Department at marketing@sfera.gr or with the secretariat at sfera@sfera.gr

Website: www.sfera.gr

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Sfera 102,2 05 June 2017