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A few words about Group

For years now, Politis Group has been engaging in activities that are integral to and enrich the day-to-day lives of Greek citizens. 7.200.000 people in Greece and Cyprus work, travel, learn, have fun, exercise, and relax every day in the company of the Group’s media assets.

Politis Group began with Out of Home media and soon expanded into radio, digital media, urban equipment, and other activities. Today it has more than 11.700 outdoor or indoor advertising spots, and via radio stations and other music apps attracts 860.000 listeners every day.

The Group is housed in privately-owned facilities covering 4.000 m2 with branches in Thessaloniki and Cyprus. It employs more than 800 people in Greece and Cyprus in the planning, organisation, and implementation of its activities, 210 of whom are full-time staff.

Politis Group never stops developing so that it can always keep one step ahead and make a decisive contribution to the development of the country and urban life. In this context, the Group has signed more than 265 public sector contracts since its foundation. Politis Group continues its successful course, focusing on growth and development as well as innovation.