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Freedom when it comes to entertainment

Streamee is the first complete multimedia application in Greece for web, smartphones, smart TV and cars. It’s the new way to listen to everything you like, free from all restrictions.

By downloading the app, which is available free of charge at all Digital Stores (Google Play & App Store), users can enjoy at any time unlimited audio and music content that reflects the mood they are in.

20 new exclusive radio stations, Streamee Original Podcasts, Greek and international Deejays, and all radio stations around the globe are just some of the unique features the Streamee platform has to offer! Let your favourite sounds accompany you everywhere, on morning runs, at work, on walks, on excursions; with Streamee you can even leave the music on to help your pet relax while you are out. The programme features anything you can imagine!

The Streamee platform is available at all digital stores (Google Play, App Store, Android TV, Android Auto, Car Play) and on the web. Download for free from anywhere and lift your mood!