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The company synonymous with outdoor advertising media

Over the years, Politis Out Of Home Media has consistently developed outdoor media to meet the modern needs of brands and their audiences. It is the only Greek company with such deep knowledge of and dedication to the sector, factors that have allowed it to climb to the top.

Holding 23.200 m2 of advertising surfaces in the most central and populous areas of Greece, Politis Out of Home Media offers its customers a range of solutions for real communication forging opportunities to build links with consumers.

In the age of digitalisation, Politis Out Of Home Media has not stopped investing in innovation, modernising traditional means and proposing new, innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. Outdoor Panels converted into touch screens allow brands to interact with their audience. Stands with large viewing surfaces, 3D structures and impressive LED screens bring the city to life and give us a glimpse of what the future of outdoor advertising will look like.

Politis Out Of Home Media maintains stable, successful partnerships with a vast array of professionals in the sector as well as with leading Greek and international firms advertising their products and services. The company’s success is not only based on innovative applications but also on its strong team, whose passion and know-how as well as respect for the environment takes outdoor advertising one step further each and every day.