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Technological infrastructure for Smart Cities

In the new digital world, government is called upon to adapt and respond to developments using suitable tools and applications that will make our cities ‘smart’.

Politis Group promotes this digital transformation of cities through Politis Technologies.  By utilising the Internet of Things (IoT), it makes cities more functional and sustainable, while enabling citizens to improve their quality of life by actively participating in improving the urban services, infrastructure and quality of life.

Politis Technologies combines its partnerships with companies which have know-how in Smart City applications and IoT technologies worldwide, with the in-depth knowledge it has about the needs of local government in order to offer services in the following areas:

Environment – Civil Protection

Politis Technologies offers smart solutions for the environment and civil protection.  These include systems that aim to provide timely information to the competent authorities on Civil Protection issues, to inform citizens about air pollution, as well as to improve and monitor the quality of the environment in cities.


The objective of smart mobility is to optimise transport and communications in order to establish new standards of sustainability, efficiency and safety in modern urban mobility. Focusing on road safety, Politis Technologies promotes the use of alternative forms of transport and improves network and traffic management systems.

Urban Equipment

Smart urban equipment is another area Politis Technologies is involved in. Thanks to smart urban equipment citizens can find out 24/7 about things happening in the city, while their day-to-day life is made easier and safer through smart infrastructure.