Politis Group launches intelligent space sterilization systems

Politis Group through Politis Technologies which specializes in smart solutions for the Environment is once again leading the way. Specifically, it launches “intelligent” space sterilization and indoor air purification systems. The new systems meet all the required International and European standards, upgrading the air we breathe, ensuring a high quality of life. 

Politis Group, utilizing years of know-how and responding to the needs of our society, aims through digital transformation to make the lives of citizens more sustainable.

Politis Technologies participated in Attica Green Expo

Politis Technologies, which belongs to the Politis Group, participated in Attica Green Expo, an exhibition with an environmental and social focus, which took place on May 24th at the Paleo Faliro Tae Kwon Do Olympic Indoor Stadium. Michalis Kokkinos, Politis Technologies Project Manager & Public Affairs, represented Politis Group in the 2nd panel entitled “Digital Transformation & Green Transition” moderated by N. Hypofantis, commenting on the new integrated environmental protection solutions. Politis Technologies is once again leading the way in solutions that ensure air quality and urban equipment with a focus on protecting citizens. 

Politis Group inaugurates a new high commercial value spot on the Limassol coastal

Politis Group is constantly expanding its presence in the outdoor advertising sector, staying true to its promise of continuous evolution and innovation. 

Maintaining years of upward momentum, it is creating a comprehensive network of the industry’s most iconic locations for advertiser exposure. 

The Group inaugurates a new high commercial value spot on the Limassol coastal road near the Limassol Marina, which is the most central and largest advertising space in the country. This premium location adds unique value to the Politis Out of Home network, offering customers high quality advertising services. 

Pride 98.6 gave S.E.F. new life!

For Pride, respect extends to all aspects of our existence – from how we treat our fellow man and our neighbor to the animals and the environment, our only home. With this axiom as a guiding principle, on Sunday 5/14/2023, Pride 98.6 and Save Your Hood joined forces in an open call for the removal of litter from the coastal area of the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

Litter on the coast is a long-standing and significant threat to our health and marine wildlife. With the recent eastern winds the situation has worsened, trapping tons of litter between the breakwaters and the beaches. It is therefore imperative that we take the situation into our own hands because our environment needs us more than ever.

Early on Sunday, Team Pride with our allies, Save Your Hood volunteers, put on our work gloves, procured trash bags and celebrated Mother’s Day in a special way by giving a gift to everyone’s mother, the Earth!

The goal was to give the beach of S.E.F. a “breath” of renewal, without litter and looking at the result, we can say with certainty that – for now – “Mission Accomplished”!

Bring it on, team Pride is onboard!

Politisgroup honored the memory of its founder George Politis

Politis Group honored the memory of its founder George Politis on Monday, May 8th, which was the 9th anniversary of his death. A memorial service in memory of Georgios Politis was held in a close circle of the Group’s executives.

A charismatic man passed away at the age of 55, but he managed to leave behind important work that continues to this day. No matter how many years pass, the image of G. Politis remains indelible to friends and colleagues as a man of ethics and professionalism.

PolitisGroup carries out love actions again!

Politis Group, once again operating on the basis of the fellow human being, carried out two love actions during the Easter period. The Group and its people donated candles and toys to the Chatzikyriakio Foundation, filling the faces of young and old girls with Light and joy. 

And we continue! We are actively contributing to the work of Father Maximos at the Holy Church of St. Fotini in Ilisos, providing the families of the parish with oil and lambs for the days of Easter. 

At Politis Group, both love for people and support for society in every possible way are an integral part of our corporate culture.

The show MAST GOOH on!

Politis Group gives access to the professional MAST (Media Advanced Selection Tool) tool through the information platform for Greek outdoor advertising media gooh.gr

Through MAST (https://gooh.gr/campaign/) the user selects in 3 minutes the criteria of geographic and commercial targeting and the desired measurement results and the algorithm automatically creates the advertising proposal that verifies them.

Politis Out Of Home has the first creative digital wrap shelter

The first creative digital wrap shelter in the Politis Out of Home network is a fact. The innovative creative digital wrap with integrated synchronizing content is part of the digital transformation and appears for the first time in the center of Athens, launching a new order in the field of outdoor advertising. 

Mindshare and Coca-Cola Hellas, listening to the new market trends and exploiting the high potential of the medium, created once again an innovative campaign, presenting the new Coca Cola Zero with the tagline « The most enjoyable ever! #TakeASip».

Through the impressive screens of the digital wrap shelter a unique story telling environment is created, inviting every passerby to try the soft drink. 

Marc Angel, Vice-President of the European Parliament, at the Politis Group

Politis Group, with a vision of a society without discrimination and after the creation of «PRIDENETWORK», the first 360o media aimed at a holistic approach to the uniqueness of each person, had the pleasure to host in the studios of PRIDE 98.6 and PRIDE PODCAST, the Vice President of the European Parliament and co-chair of the LGBTI Intergroup, Mr. Marc Antoine Camille Angel, on Thursday 9 March 2023.

PRIDE NETWORK partner, Ms. Daphne Karavokiri, hosted Mr. Marc Antoine Camille Angel on her podcast «I Don’t Know What To Do», discussing issues of visibility and inclusion. They talked about transparency issues in the European Union as well as future actions planned by the European Union. They also touched on issues of police violence that we have seen from time to time taking place in several countries against people who are either part of the LGBTQIA+ community or not, as well as issues of visibility in the trans community. Finally, they also mentioned media in general, and especially PRIDE 98.6, since it is the first Inclusive radio station in Greece, embracing everybody. 

For the first time, Mr. Marc Antoine Camille spoke to a Greek media and that was none other than PRIDE NETWORK.