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FOOD VIDEOs, our favorite theme-based video presentation “channel” with food recipes, which communicates with us through its popular social media interface, has completed one year of delicious recipe publications!

12 Months, 151 Publications of tasty recipes and 513,225 (!) Page Likes after their launch and first release on August 28, 2016, FOOD VIDEOs is extremely proud to have gathered more than 53 million video views of their video recipes and hundreds of thousands (sic) Likes!

Indicative of the dynamics that a FOOD VIDEO publication can record in the social media is the case of the video recipe “Stuffed Pasta Shells”                                  (https://www.facebook.com/FoodVideosGr/videos/807028692781746/)   that surpassed 43,000 Likes and 1.2 million views!

Given that FOOD VIDEOs was created barely a year ago, the results are remarkable. The huge group of friends they have amassed, the impressive popularity of the video recipes they publish as well as the high quality of the producers they sign, have all brought along the largest Greek and international brands from the food industry and led to a series of successful commercial partnerships.

Take one – or rather several tastes – from the delicious creations of FOOD VIDEOs as well as from the commercial partnerships that they launched through this anniversary compilation: