Politis Group was present at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, between 11 and 15 of October 2021. This conference is the largest event for Smart Mobility in the world and
had participation from entities and companies that are interested and directly involved in the formation of the next day, in solutions that change the way we perceive transportation in the big cities today. Politis Technologies executives met with major suppliers in the global market and also discussed new ideas with start – ups, that give a different perspective in the field of Smart Mobility.

Politis Group, having set out to become the largest Smart City House in Greece, has signed exclusive partnerships with major hardware and software suppliers in four areas of activity: smart mobility, environmental management, safety infrastructure and civil protection Politis Group is also focusing on another utility of smart mobility applications within
cities, in order to develop measuring software that will benefit out-of-home communication advertisers, constantly improving its methods and experience in the field of advertisement.