Time for Humanity and Acts of Solidarity

With a sense of responsibility towards the immeasurable destruction experienced by our fellow human beings – victims of the deadly fires – POLITIS GROUP employees acted quickly offering assistance to the inhabitants of the wider affected area of ​​Rafina by providing specific goods that cater for a part of their basic needs.

Technical personnel of the POLITIS Group of Companies, with the appropriate guidance of the coordinators in collecting the necessary goods in the particular area, worked near the firefighters carrying the required goods to the victims.POLITIS GROUP, which is essentially its people, continues to show its fundamental care for our fellow beings in times of need.  Numerous staff members will be at the Constitution Square Metro (Syntagma Square Metro) on Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd August to support the Voluntary Blood Drive that will take place after the ongoing calls of assistance to cover this vital necessity!We can all continue to show our empathy and contribute not only during  these days, but also when the charred residue has “settled”, as we are all highly affected by both the magnitude of the disaster and the intensity of human pain.   It is important to respond to all such calls for assistance for the good of all the souls who have suffered and continue facing enormous difficulties on the road ahead.