An out of the box initiative took place on Valentine’s Day!

SFERA 102.2 through a cross-promotional activity combined radio and out of home advertising. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the radio station invited its audience to send their love wish to their other half. Sfera 102.2 would use the wishes to create posters at bus stop shelters at the closest spot of their residence.

Sfera 102.2 collaborated with Politis out of Home and 50 participants saw their wish displayed at the bus stops of their choice, with visuals such as hearts and symbols of love. This initiative was pretty much uplifting, full of optimism and filled the streets with colors and love. People who came across these messages were happily surprised, while the recipients of the wishes were thrilled with the public expression of love from their partners. This resulted in great virality on social networks, as people’s photos and videos were shared.

The combination of different communication channels and content sources – such as radio, outdoor advertising and digital – worked as a multiplier, composing a complete storytelling and contributing to a unique experience.

This initiative is the proof that multichannel communication is an important success factor for any action.