The brand name Politis Group is the current corporate form of the group and it is active in the fields of outdoor advertising, radio stations, hotel businesses and online services!

Each sector separately is a powerful and important part of an organized and compact whole that moves methodically and with confidence towards future. The Group’s companies cover different fields of activity, enabling each of them to set their own business goals each year and develop continuously.

The companies of the group that are engaged in outdoor advertising contributed – each one in its own way – to the significant development of the object in Greece and opened new horizons for the advertisers. Leading to nowadays, they have a leading position in the field of outdoor advertising in Greece and manage all street furniture (bus stops) in all cities, with 9.200 visitor locations in the city.

In 2013, through the Group’s development plan, the Outdoor in Greece goes into a new era! Free of the burdens of the past with vision and strategy, it continually improves the services provided to advertisers and acquires the image Outdoor has in Europe.

Technology has certainly contributed to OUTDOOR development through the development of digital outdoor advertising applications. The modern digital displays that have been installed specifically for outdoor use with high brightness and are not influenced by weather conditions in Greece, are a major innovation for the industry. At the same time new creative approaches offer advertisers the opportunity to be viewed through special constructions (Wraps) and make their communication unique and impressive.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, the innovation and creativity of the Outdoor team was awarded with the highest awards of innovation in advertising in South East Europe, the “Ermis Awards”.

The recent upgrading of the fleet of vehicles, as well as the specialized technical division for all the group companies, was one of the development goals that was achieved quickly and with great success while at the same time upgrading the services provided to its advertised customers as well as the better maintenance of its network.

Alongside the development of Outdoor,the Group expands its presence and proceeds to a new business step. The acquisition of two radio stations, Sfera 102.2 and 98.6, thus making its presence felt in the field of mass media communication.

The tourism sector was another important point of interest for the Group’s business activities and the important action in the field of tourism development came via the Aegean Coast and Paros Palace Hotel, a jewel hotel in the heart of Paros, while in 2016 the group entered into the online services industry with the launch of Food Videos.