Opap Play

In December 2017, Politis Group started a new activity in the Gaming Market, with OPAP as a strategic partner.

OPAP, the leading gaming company in Greece and one of the most respected companies in the world in its industry, chose Politis Group as its strategic partner.

The aim of this collaboration is to develop a network of OPAP Play stores in Attica as well as in the rest of Greece.

A few words about OPAP Play

OPAP’s Game Machines feature a video display with modern graphics and are used for running games. It is similar to classic game machines, based on the logic that each terminal is an autonomous device in which each game has a random number generator. Each terminal is connected to OPAP’s central system, through which the games are managed, monitored and controlled.

The games are very easy to use. The player selects the amount of money he wishes to bet, and then he presses the start button to begin playing.  The player has no control over any of the combinations which are displayed, nor over any winnings which may result. There is no possible way to predict when and if he will win.

The result of each bet in a game is random and is not affected, controlled, or associated with anything other than the numeric values ​​generated by a certified random number generator in relation to the applicable payout table and the applicable game rules. The minimum and maximum cash amount of competition in games, as well as the maximum payout amount, are displayed on the screen of each Game Machine. The rules for running each game are presented to the player through the game instruction screen.


The games

The games that OPAP has installed in the PLAY store network are state of the art and offer the players an excellent entertainment experience.

OPAP SA has chosen for its PLAY store network games from the world’s largest producers with thousands of internationally-established games.

Gambling 01 February 2018