Yesterday 29/01, in the heart of Athens, at a bar-restaurant in one of the most beautiful downtown areas, Politis Group celebrated the New Year.
The employees of the group had the opportunity to meet all together and enjoy, within a pleasant and festive atmosphere, snacks, drinks and uplifting music away from the office.
The CEO of the Group, Haris Politis, sincerely thanked all the employees for their substantial contribution and their efforts throughout the year. With optimism and confidence about the future, he wished Health, Happiness, personal and professional Success to all, while urging everyone to continue their efforts with the same drive and passion in 2020.

The lucky winners of the event’s prizes were:
• Christina Mandeli (Cleaning department)
• Michalis Kioses (IT Manager)
• George Desyllas (Sound Engineer)
Each one of them won prizes worth €1,100.

The event came to an end late at night with a sense of pride across the group, pinpointing once more the value of honest employees’ relationships.