For each one of us at Politis Out of Home, our voluntary commitment to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Principles into our business, is linked to our belief that this is not just a good business practice, but also a moral compass.

 Throughout the years, our strategy has focused on practices that promote “responsible entrepreneurship”, always providing high quality advertising services. This way, we have adopted a long-term perspective, towards our customers’ needs, the needs associated with the development of our employees, our multidimensional contribution to society and the protection of the environment.

Towards society, at POOH we combine our business success with our partners’ and our country’s growth. In the same time, we support local communities affected by our activities, in order to ameliorate the quality of life and well-being of its citizens and of society in general. Towards the environment, at POOH we are committed to integrating sustainable development into our activities and implementing environmentally friendly business practices to reduce – where possible – our environmental impact. We also aim at raising awareness and asking each individual citizen, to love, protect and appreciate the environment in which they live in. In this context, we launched a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign under the concept “Respect”. The campaign focuses on two different pillars: environment, using the message: “there is no such a thing as small garbage” and responsible living using the messages “we always wear seat belts” and “we always drive sober”. The campaign is addressed to the public, asking everyone to adopt simple daily habits that will make a difference, both for themselves and for their fellow citizens.

These initiatives – which will cover even more corporate social responsibility’ fields in the future, – demonstrate the company’s commitment and aim at fostering a culture in which everyone’s intention will be to act responsibly towards Society and the Environment, for a better quality of life.

It is worth mentioning that Politis Out of Home, having actively adopted the role of a responsible citizen, has already proven its dedication towards environmental protection by recycling more than 10 tons of iron and 5 tons of aluminum per year. At the same it reduced by at least 30% its energy consumption, by installing LED-lit shelters, while its first photovoltaic shelters are already in use.