Politis Technologies, a company of Politis Group, within the framework of its applications for smart cities and smart mobility, proceeded with a demo survey and evaluation of sections of the road network of Attica, collaborating with Eyevi Technologies. To make this possible, a multi-camera system with lidar was installed in an electric vehicle BMW i3.

Specifically, damages of the road network were recorded and mapped using the special equipment and artificial intelligence (AI) software platform, with the aim of creating a relevant report, so that there is a complete picture of the condition of the roads, road signs and other urban equipment by the local authorities.

On the basis of the same technology, we are planning to utilize similar software that is being developed, which will record and monitor the Politis Out Of Home advertising media, giving a real-time report to the technical department for any repair and maintenance needs. The demo implementation of the above technology was carried out subasequently by a POOH vehicle.