Mousikos 98,6

The new radio station in Athens, Mousikos 98.6, touches on the emotions of listeners who choose to listen to first-rate Greek music … those who don’t “wear ear plugs” but choose to tune in based on high standards.

Mousikos 98.6 provides space and time for all those songs that have withstood time – songs produced by important composers, with interpretations by great, renowned voices.

In the office, in the car, at home, Mousikos 98.6 constitutes the ideal choice for songs – “diamonds” – that add optimism and brightness to your daily life…
allowing listeners, once again, to rediscover their own musical choices in one frequency!

Without repetition and commotion…

Mousikos 98.6 – where music unites us.


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Mousikos 98,6 05 June 2017