At a time when technology and digital development have become an integral part of the daily lives of citizens, the state is called upon to adapt and respond to these developments. The need for a substantial improvement in the quality of life of citizens, presupposes the proper use of technology that offers sustainable development.

The need to improve government services, especially in times of crisis, is becoming more urgent than ever.

At Politis Technologies / Smart City Solutions we aim at the digital transformation and utilization of the Internet of Things that will make cities more functional, humane, sustainable and enable citizens to actively participate in improving services, infrastructure and quality of life in general.

  • We have many years of experience cooperating with Municipal Authorities
  • We have know-how in the management & installation of equipment
  • We employ trained staff with excellent knowledge of digital functions & services

In this regard, the management of the Group has taken an important strategic decision:

Our services are based on the following axes:


Indicative applications

  • Municipal transportation and OASA
  • Smart Parking at a discount for citizens who use the app
  • Tracking of municipal vehicles (garbage trucks, public police, public transport and vehicles of other uses)
  • Notification for scheduled road closures (eg technical works) or due to emergencies
  • Charging stations
  • Walking and running routes, etc.

Public health

Indicative applications

  • Environmental analysis
  • Waste management
  • Notification of the municipality for the disposal of large wastes that need to be collected in a special way
  • Analysis of weather & weather phenomena
  • Air Quality Analysis
  • Noise pollution, etc.


Indicative applications

  • Fire protection
  • Notification of 112 in case of emergency
  • Special purpose alerts in special circumstances
  • Smart lighting, etc.


Indicative applications

  • Information towards citizens for the current news from the municipality but also for extraordinary events
  • Referendums, participation by vote or proposals to the Board
  • Scheduled communication of the mayor with the citizens
  • Sending comments, violations or problems to the municipality with a photo
  • Communication by phone call or email directly to the relevant department
  • Pharmacies
  • Gas stations with price comparison
  • Festivals, activities and sports programs
  • Electronic library that will include the publications of the municipality
  • Tourist Guide
  • Points of interest (municipal clinics, KAPI, parks, playgrounds, recreation and art areas, sports centers)
  • Loyalty program for the local market – 5-10% discount or offer packages – business evaluation (as in e-food applications, skroutz etc.)
  • Push notification with advertising of local businesses or for festivals / big events of the municipality

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Smart City 21 October 2019