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Society is changing and the time has come to be heard

In the age of respect and inclusion, Politis Group is responding to the need for label- and boundary-free entertainment. With, it is once again innovating by offering a forum where all views can be heard as it seeks to leave a positive imprint on society.

Discrimination, labels and limited subject matters have no place at For all those who work for, the word ‘pride’ is not limited by gender, sexual identity, origin, or any stereotypical boundary that a fearful society may seek to impose. There’s a place here for people and their stories, for diversity, for uniqueness, for respect for nature and animals, for all things essential. is not just another portal; it’s a project that provides a platform for every voice that has until now not been able to be heard. Vibrant, colourful and full of emotion, it embraces our uniqueness in a meaningful way, since it is the first inclusive network featuring a fully operational radio station, podcast service and the first 360o website for issues of concern to society. does not impose its view, nor seek to provoke; instead it embraces and protects.