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From the onset of its inception until today, Sfera 102.2 steadily remains the most beloved Greek radio station in Athens, constantly achieving high ratings with listeners. The recipe for success is simple … Good Greek Music and dazzling faces broadcasting on the air!

All the Greek successes of yesterday and today, combined with the most familiar voices of radio and TV personalities, constitute the daily cherished habit for the Athenian listeners who have specifically pre-selected Sfera 102.2 both in their radio’s memory and especially their hearts!!!

Sfera 102.2 is a first-rate radio station that adds up 20 years of triumphant broadcasting in the airwaves, having managed with ease to maintain its freshness by adapting to today’s demands through the organization of actions culminating in tremendous success.

The largest parties, the most important musical events, the live broadcasts in a variety of places throughout Attica, the biggest and most popular competitions and the Greek Music Week, all bear the signature of Sfera 102.2!

Sfera 102.2 is its music… its people… and mainly its listeners!!


To contact the Sales Department, send your message at: knika@politisgroup.com or sarkele@politisgroup.com, with the Marketing Department at marketing@sfera.gr or with the secretariat at sfera@sfera.gr

Website: www.sfera.gr

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Sfera 102,2 05 June 2017